Managing Client Aggression in the Workplace
A trauma-informed approach to reduce the impact of client aggression while boosting psychological safety at work

A role supporting others in aged care, healthcare, hospitality, retail and banking can be enormously fulfilling work. Unfortunately, client aggression in these industries has often become a daily occurrence. No doubt, this takes a toll on staff, resulting in increased Workcover claims, sick leave, staff turnover, burnout and low morale.

Mental health claims are growing steadily over time and are expected to grow to 33 % of workers’ compensation claims in the next 10 years. This trend places increased pressure on employers who care about their staff’s mental health and want to mitigate risks to their well-being.

In response to these threats, we have developed a cutting-edge, trauma-informed course called ‘Managing the Impacts of Client Aggression’.

To teach participants how to effectively deal with the impacts of client aggression while increasing self-awareness and psychological safety on the job.

Team members in client-facing roles in the aged care, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and banking sectors.

  • Identify key behaviours along the full spectrum (i.e. incivility to physical assault) of inappropriate client behaviour.
  • Understand how client aggression affects each staff member differently and what their triggers and signs of stress are
  • Understand how COVID has increased the level of client aggression in certain areas
  • Know how the current technological and social climate (e.g. working from home) can leave staff more vulnerable to client aggression unless managed properly
  • Develop a unique toolkit of evidence-based strategies to boost resilience before, during and after client aggression
  • Understand what steps to take following extreme incidents of client aggression
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