Trauma Healing with Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Healing with Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a method designed to alleviate the stress, shock, and trauma that your body may hold. If you’re stuck feeling like you need to fight, run away, or freeze, SE offers a way for you to let go, recover, and build resilience. This body-oriented therapy, used to heal trauma and stress issues, is grounded in multiple disciplines like physiology, psychology, biology, and neuroscience, and has been utilised by professionals for over 40 years. It was developed by Dr Peter A. Levine.

Addressing Trauma: The Role of Somatic Experiencing

SE can help to release the shock from trauma, a crucial step in dealing with PTSD and healing emotional wounds from early life experiences. It equips therapists with tools to comprehend where you might be stuck in your reactions and how to assist you in moving forward.

Trauma can stem from significant events like accidents or abuse, or from an accumulation of smaller incidents over time. Both can make it challenging for you to cope with life.

How Somatic Experiencing Works

Somatic Experiencing (SE) acts like a compassionate friend, helping you to complete the protective reactions that were left unfinished when you felt threatened. This healing process releases the pent-up energy that’s been associated with trauma symptoms in your body. You are gently guided to become more comfortable with challenging body sensations and emotions that you might have been avoiding.

The Origin of Somatic Experiencing and Its Approach to Trauma

Dr Levine developed SE inspired by his studies on how animals handle stress. He observed that animals don’t seem traumatised even though they’re frequently exposed to danger. He discovered that trauma occurs when we freeze up in response to danger, like playing dead, which makes us less appealing to a predator. This reaction is designed to help us survive, but if it doesn’t complete, it leaves us in a state of threat. SE helps to unlock this trapped energy and soothes the body’s alarm system, which can lead to serious problems like feeling out of control. SE works to release this stored energy and turn off the threat alarm that causes severe dysregulation and dissociation. SE helps you understand this body response to trauma and guides you through a “body first” approach to healing.

If you’re seeking to address traumas that you’ve experienced, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mind Up and book a session with Greg Hack. As a trained Somatic Experiencing practitioner, he can work with you to unlock the path to a more fulfilling and empowered life.