It’s time to get vaccinated. Does that scare you?

It’s time to get vaccinated. Does that scare you?

Most people describe getting a vaccination as a little prick, while others feel significant pain or distress. In both cases, however, the injection is over before they can count to 3. So why are a lot of people worrying about their turn for the vaccination? It turns out many people have a clinical fear of needles!

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people have a fear of needles in Australia. Of those people, 20 percent will avoid needles or injections altogether. This avoidance can impact these individuals’ other medical needs, for example, if they need a blood test to check why they might be sick. Of course it also affects their risk factor for contracting COVID and the levels of herd immunity in the community, which is an important long term goal for leaving COVID behind us.


A needle phobia is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections. Children are especially afraid of needles because of the pain factor. The brain responds to these early needle experiences as a threat. But by the time most children reach adulthood, their brain learns that despite the sharp prick, the needle is no longer a threat. For some, however, this threat response does not go away and persists throughout adulthood.


There is no one cause of this phobia. A variety of factors can lead to the development of a needle phobia, such as environmental or genetic factors.

  • Learned behaviour: Factors in the family home play an important role in fear development. Anxious or worried parents can impact the way a child learns to cope with anxiety later in life.
  • Historical trauma: Experiencing a traumatic event can create a strong association between fear and situations reminiscent of that event.
    Genetic susceptibility: Research suggests that genetic vulnerabilities or predispositions to anxiety can increase the likelihood of a phobia later in life.


YES! Through a simple five-step process you can learn to overcome your fear. This will then help you freely choose to have your medical needs met. At Mind Up, you will be taken through the skills to manage your fears in a safe and comfortable way.