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  • Research has shown that the most potent form of overcoming your fears is by facing them in a gradual, controlled, and safe manner. This approach is commonly referred to as exposure therapy
  • Traditional exposure therapy approaches can be limiting, expensive, or difficult to access for many phobias, such as fear of flying, dental phobias, or fear of MRI machines.
  • Through our unique virtual experiences, you will be able to safely engage in situations not otherwise easily accessible.
  • This will provide you with valuable chances to practice the skills and techniques you’ve learned and stop letting your fears control your life.
  • The Phobia Clinic helps you to overcome your fears with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. In recent years Virtual Reality has become an increasingly popular alternative to hypnosis and traditional therapy.
  • One benefit of Virtual Reality is that it enables clients to practice the skills learned in therapy before facing a real-world phobic scenario. With virtual reality you will be able to gain confidence through practising with a psychologist and a VR headset.

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Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about the Phobia Clinic

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Phobias are excessive and irrational fears that have come to impact one’s life, often as a result of avoidance behaviours that have become limiting to an individual.

Phobias are one of the most common mental health difficulties. Many people who seek treatment do so mainly due to their symptoms disrupting their work, relationships, or leisure activities. If you feel your fears are limiting your enjoyment of life, treatment may be worthwhile.

Following a brief initial assessment, the program will be delivered over 5 sessions. You will be expected to practise the strategies you learn in the sessions to get the most out of the treatment.

The first step is a phone conversation with one of our friendly clinicians. They will assess whether our programs may be suitable for you.

We combine the latest in VR technology and treatment methodology to provide a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive evidence-based treatment program with a strong focus on exposure therapy.

You will learn what happens in your brain when you feel anxious, what you can do to manage it, and how to change it long term.

You will get a unique opportunity to practise these strategies in the complete safety and security of Virtual Reality, before graduating to real-life situations.

At Mind Up’s Phobia Clinic you will be taken through the skills to manage your fears accompany patients to the feared situations so that they can:

Gradual Approach

Gradually approach the things that create anxiety

Effective Management

Learn to apply effective anxiety management techniques while in the midst of anxious situations

Anxiety Reduction

Experience a reduction of anxious feelings

The Mind Up Phobia Clinic's 5 Step Process

It’s an amazing accomplishment to overcome a phobia. We know you can do it and are excited to help you through your fears.

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