• Research has shown that the most potent form of overcoming your fears is by facing them in a gradual, controlled, and safe manner. This approach is commonly referred to as exposure therapy
  • Traditional exposure therapy approaches can be limiting, expensive, or difficult to access for many phobias, such as fear of flying, dental phobias, or fear of MRI machines.
  • Through our unique virtual experiences, you will be able to safely engage in situations not otherwise easily accessible.
  • This will provide you with valuable chances to practice the skills and techniques you’ve learned and stop letting your fears control your life.
  • The Phobia Clinic helps you to overcome your fears with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. In recent years Virtual Reality has become an increasingly popular alternative to hypnosis and traditional therapy.
  • One benefit of Virtual Reality is that it enables clients to practice the skills learned in therapy before facing a real-world phobic scenario. With virtual reality you will be able to gain confidence through practising with a psychologist and a VR headset.

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