Availability for Initial Assessment: 1-2 weeks

A victim of crime is someone who has suffered physical, psychological or emotional injury, or financial loss because of a crime, such as violent attack.

Undertaking a Victims of Crime Tribunal (VOCAT) application? Below are some points to help you with the process.

The majority of people who contact us for a VOCAT psychological report are already engaged with a lawyer, and a VOCAT application will have been submitted on their behalf and approved. Not already involved with a lawyer? Our office will be able to offer some suggestions of who to contact.

Next, the lawyer forwards a few details of what has occurred to our office and we will contact you to arrange a time for a psychological assessment.

What can I expect in an assessment?

At Mind Up, we can conduct an assessment via telephone, online through digital health, or in person. It’s up to you what you feel comfortable with.

Allowing time for the assessment: The majority of assessment appointments are 1.5 hours. We recommend that you be mindful of the time it takes for this appointment, and if online or via telephone, be in a private location where you feel safe and will be uninterrupted.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

Although the function of the assessment is based on your traumatic event, most of the session is focused on what impact the event has had on you since then. This may assist you to know that the clinician’s role is to help identify where you are at now rather than focus on the traumatic memories.

VOCAT is established by legislation to provide financial assistance to victims of violent crimes committed in Victoria. At Mind Up, we assist victims to recover from a crime by providing psychological support through the VOCAT.

If you are a victim of crime and wish to find out more about this process, contact our friendly team.

Mind Up has immediate availability to assist VOCAT clients. Currently, we can book your clients for a VOCAT assessment within 2-3 weeks and have the report completed 2 weeks following their initial session.

Furthermore, as you have been an ongoing referrer to Mind Up, we will be offering a free 30-60min talk Helping on Empty to assist your team in managing burnout and compassion fatigue. If this interests you, feel free to book a time with Director Shawn Goldberg to deliver this engaging talk online via THIS LINK.

If you would like counselling for VOCAT. Please contact the clinic below:
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