Availability for Initial Assessment: 1-2 weeks

Undertaking a Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) application? Below are some points to help you with the process.

Working with a Solicitor

Most individuals who reach out to us for a VOCAT psychological assessment are already working with a solicitor who has initiated and received approval for their VOCAT application. If you’re not currently working with a solicitor, we can provide recommendations.

Scheduling a Psychological Assessment

Once your solicitor sends us details of your case, we’ll reach out to schedule a psychological assessment. Mind Up offers flexible assessment methods to suit your comfort level, including phone, digital health platforms, or in-person sessions.

What to Expect in the Assessment

These assessments typically last 1.5 hours. We recommend securing a private and safe space for your appointment, especially for phone or online sessions, to ensure you can focus without interruptions.

Focusing on the Present, Not the Past

The assessment focuses on the impact of the traumatic event on your current life, rather than dwelling on the traumatic memories. This approach helps our clinicians identify your current state and provide appropriate support.


VOCAT is a legislative program providing financial assistance to victims of violent crimes in Victoria. At Mind Up, we’re dedicated to aiding crime victims by offering psychological support through VOCAT.

If you're a victim of crime and want to learn more about this process, feel free to contact our friendly team.
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