Couples & Family Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy in Spotswood

Are you having relationship troubles?

Do you often find yourself feeling emotional pain and stress that is impacting other areas of your life?

Are you stuck in a pattern where words or actions of you or your partner trigger negative reactions in each other?

Is this creating a downward spiral of hurtful words and actions?

We understand that going through relationship problems can be draining, making you feel lost and helpless.

Feeling loved and connected to significant people in your life is an important part of our stability and wellbeing. But when things go wrong, it can feel like you’re being swept up by a storm, leaving you drained and helpless.

In a way, relationships are much like a dance. When it’s going well it feels graceful, intuitive, relaxed and easy. But sometimes you may find yourself stuck in an awful dance where you are both being pushed and pulled in ways you don’t want. Freeing yourself from the negative dance may simply be learning to change the music, which could be about changing your perspective or attitude, or changing the way you react to triggers.

Working with an experienced couples therapist is like a dance instructor supporting you to find the right steps to connect without conflict. They can help you with the process of getting unstuck and choosing actions that will heal not harm the relationship.

You can take the steps towards lasting change.

When to get help
Here are some warning signs within the relationship that can indicate that its time to reach out to a couples therapist:

  • Difficulty with communication
  • Relationship stress is affecting other areas of your life
  • Overwhelming feelings of anger or sadness
  • Difficulty healing from past emotional hurt
  • Trouble to resolve issues
  • High conflict and escalation
  • Lack of connection
  • Intimacy issues
  • Unable to agree on parenting issues
  • Feeling stuck in a negative cycle
  • Infidelity
  • Deciding whether or not to separate
  • Wanting a better connection with your partner or other family members

How we can help at Mind Up

  • To be heard and understood whilst learning to listen
  • Gaining new perspectives
  • Changing attitudes toward each other
  • Healing from past hurt or trauma
  • Understanding yourself and each other
  • Negotiating
  • Use practical tools to deepen your friendship and connection
  • Separating in an amicable way that promotes healing
  • Choosing actions that are loving and beneficial to the relationship

At Mind Up, we offer a caring, safe, and personal environment for you and your loved ones to explore these challenges using a range of interventions.

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No referral is required, but you may be eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. In any case, your health is our priority. So booking a session with or without a GP referral can help to get your treatment started as soon as possible.

If you are attending with a referral, please bring that with you. Otherwise just come as you are and we will sort everything out for you.

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By truely understanding your issues and needs, a relevant plan of action will be quickly established to help you back on your feet. Depending on what you’re attending for will then determine how to reach your health goals. However, in general you can expect that your most difficult daily experiences will be helped first then a maintenance plan can be put in place to assist you to prevent or reduce your issues from resurfacing.

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