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ADHD Assessments can now be conducted entirely online to allow ease and efficiency.

ADHD Assessment for Adults

Adults with ADHD frequently encounter problems with time management, organisation, and maintaining relationships. These issues can result in frustration and diminished self-esteem. Symptoms include attention deficits, forgetfulness, excessive fidgeting, poor time management, mood swings, and struggles navigating social norms. An ADHD assessment can help pinpoint these difficulties, leading to personalised treatment plans. This can enhance self-awareness, work performance, relationships, and overall life balance.

Autism Assessment for Adults

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterised by distinct developmental and behavioural traits. Adults with ASD may face challenges in social interaction, sensory sensitivity, repetitive behaviours, communication, resistance to change, intense interests, and executive functioning. An autism assessment can offer a detailed profile of an individual, identifying their strengths and challenges. This allows for the creation of personalised support strategies to enhance social interactions, communication, and everyday living skills. It also ensures access to resources such as NDIS funding.

Cognitive Assessment for Adults

Cognitive assessments for adults evaluate mental functions and capabilities. They examine areas like memory, attention, problem-solving, and processing speed. These assessments are beneficial when symptoms such as difficulty understanding complex concepts, struggles with visual-spatial tasks, problem-solving challenges, memory issues, slower processing speed, or significant changes in cognitive abilities are present. The results can assist in career development, personal growth, early detection of cognitive decline or neurological issues, and can help diagnose conditions such as dementia.

Educational Assessment for Adults

Educational assessments for adults evaluate academic and workplace skills, identify issues such as underperformance and learning disorders, and understand unique learning profiles. These assessments are recommended when concerns arise about an individual’s academic or workplace performance, cognitive abilities, or emotional and behavioural health. They can also be used to recognise giftedness in both school and work environments. These assessments provide a clear path for educational, professional, and personal growth by identifying specific learning disorders or confirming giftedness. They can help track progress, revise strategies for improved results, underscore areas where additional support or accommodations may be needed, and obtain special funding for educational or workplace programs.

Psychological Assessment for Adults


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