Kim Carli

Supervisees only

Board Approved Supervisor / Psychologist


The key to good supervision is to nurture a healthy thinking space for the clinician to learn and grow. Kim is a passionate supervisor and believes that supervision should be collaborative and a positive learning experience for supervisees. Supervision provides a space to reflect and support learning and develop new clinical skills and improve problem-solving strategies. Kim believes that provisional psychologists and new grad supervisees are the backbones of our psychological practice future. She wants to provide a positive, nurturing, respectful and safe place for supervisees to explore and expand their skills within their own practice without judgement. In stating this Kim also enjoys working with mental health clinicians across all fields and levels of experience.

Recently, she has extended her supervision services to GPs who have taken on psychotherapy as part of their role. It is usual for Kim to provide bi-weekly supervision to Provisional Psychologists as part of their registration requirements. New Graduate psychologists enjoy fortnightly supervision to help process their clinical work and more seasoned clinicians typically attend monthly.


Kim is a passionate psychologist who thrives on helping clients work through their Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Phobia. She practices what she preaches. Her interests beyond the therapy room include following her artistic pleasures of painting as well as beach-time, gardening, and self-nurturing. Kim is open and warm with all who connect with her.

Kim’s take on therapy begins with the client. Their needs, concerns, goals and history are all taken into account before creating a treatment plan and deciding on the specific therapeutic approach for the individual.

In her 15+ years of practice, Kim has developed an empathetic and respectful approach when addressing client needs, and improving their overall well-being. She is passionate about her work and strives for the best possible outcomes through collaboration and care.

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