Greg Hack

4 weeks for general therapy

Ages 18+ for general therapy


Greg is an experienced psychologist registered with AHPRA. He has particular expertise in working with trauma, anxiety, depression, workplace psychological injuries, burnout, compassion fatigue, grief and loss, and phobias.

Greg brings a highly relational and empathic style to the therapeutic relationship. He works collaboratively with clients to help them achieve their treatment or wellbeing goals. Greg draws on theory and techniques from cognitive, psychodynamic, neuroscience, somatic psychology, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, among others.

Greg’s key strength is his ability to connect with his clients in a genuine, perceptive, and empathic way. Greg is able to help his clients quickly feel at ease and talk freely about their experiences in a safe and confidential space. He brings a strengths-based approach to therapy and helps clients to identify resources available to support them to cope more effectively with life challenges. Greg often employs a somatic approach to help clients ground their experience in their bodies.

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