Carrie Barrett

✓ Immediate for general therapy and psychological assessments

✓ 5+ years old for general therapy

Provisional Psychologist

BA (Psychology), MProfPsych

Carrie is a provisional psychologist with a Master’s degree in Professional Psychology. Boasting experience and a keen enjoyment in working with children and adults, she is interested in aiding individuals to achieve their unique goals. Outside of her client engagements, Carrie finds pleasure in activities such as running, drawing, and baking.

Carrie’s therapeutic approach is characterized by empathy, client-centeredness, and a profound acknowledgment of the significance of each client’s individual goals and needs.

A notable strength in Carrie’s practice lies in her warm, compassionate, and enthusiastic demeanour, along with her adeptness in rapidly establishing robust therapeutic relationships. She acknowledges the distinctiveness of each individual’s circumstances and collaborates closely with clients to pursue their specific goals. Carrie’s supportive and empathetic approach cultivates a secure and comfortable environment, encouraging clients to openly share their experiences and concerns.

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