Amy Hall

✓ Immediate for general therapy and psychological assessments

✓ 6+ years old for general therapy and 4+ years old for psychological assessment

Provisional Psychologist

BBehavSc, BPsychStud (Honours), MProfPsych

Amy is presently undertaking her final year internship at Mind Up as a provisional psychologist. With a background in human resources, she brings a unique perspective to her work, particularly when assisting clients facing challenges in a professional setting. Amy has garnered valuable experience in clinical settings, catering to individuals of all ages. Her focus lies in addressing issues related to anxiety, depression, and conducting cognitive and behavioural assessments.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Amy finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends, exploring new restaurants, and indulging in travel adventures.

Amy’s therapeutic approach is characterised by being client-centred, collaborative, and empathetic. Her warm and friendly demeanour creates a welcoming atmosphere for clients within the therapeutic setting. Amy firmly believes that clients are the best judges of their own treatment goals. Accordingly, she collaborates with them to develop practical intervention plans.

One of Amy’s notable strengths lies in her ability to cultivate effective therapeutic relationships with clients across various age groups and backgrounds. As a dedicated and compassionate listener, she pays close attention to the finer details, ensuring that clients feel truly heard and understood. Amy actively encourages and supports each client’s unique needs and strengths, fostering a collaborative environment for positive change.

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